Chinnar Watchtower
In Chinnar, a watch tower is accessible to tourists for a minimal charge with the permission of the forest department. From this watch tower tourists can observe animals like deer, monkeys, langurs, elephants. The lofty watchtower provides a panoramic view of the entire park, stretching all the way to the jungles in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu and the majestic mountains far away.

The Evergreen Rain forest, Mannavan Shola is the largest shola forest patch in Kerala, is near Kanthalloor. This is a 14 kmĀ² of unique ecosystem facing devastation. The vegetation, including many rare and endemic flora and species are part of Marayur's great natural wealth. This is one of Kerala's unique and delicate ecosystems forever. The biggest high altitude moist-rain forest in the peninsula, located at altitude of 2100 meters. This great shola region is the haven of many rare and common species of animals, birds and plants. Mannavan shola was notified as a reserved forest through an order of the Government of the erstwhile Travancore State on October 22, 1901.

Kanthalloor is part of Marayur and known for its extensive winter vegetable and fruits cultivation. This place is unique in that various types of fruits and vegetable are grown round the year.'

Marayur Sarkkara
Sarkkara is dark brown sugar balls made of condensed sugarcane juice. It is also known as jaggery or "gud" (Hindi). Each lump or ball of jaggery might weigh up to 1.5 kg. Sugar cane is a major crop of Marayur and Kanthalloor. In sugarcane farms, there are small jaggery factories that manufacture jaggery. The best jaggery in India is produced in Marayur. It is therefore of great demand in households across the country for the preparation of sweets and relishes.

Rajiv Gandhi Children's Park

Rajiv Gandhi children's park is located in the heart of Marayur. The serene park is spread across a hectare under the vast canopy of a single banyan tree that attracts tourists and local population alike. From the park one can spot monkeys, deer and other animals in the adjoining reserve forest.
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